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An Exploration in Movement

Thrive with a movement-filled lifestyle.

I've experienced the joy of moving and playing since I was a child. I continue to get tremendous enjoyment from participating in an active lifestyle, including running, hiking, biking, and skiing.

As I age, I want to ensure that I can tackle any task and participate in any activity I choose. More specifically, that I am adaptable and resilient. I want to avoid injury and continue to thrive, and I want this for my clients too.

My goal is to change how we live our daily lives by helping us move in a way that profoundly affects our physiology and psychology. By communicating my knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, I assist my clients in leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

Evidence-based methods that build a foundation.

“When we know our bodies better, we have control over our health and wellbeing.”

-Kris Desjardins

Movement is a key pillar of health and has a positive effect on all systems of our body. However, striving too hard for physical perfection can have a negative impact on our health, which puts undue stress and strain on our bodies.

Adara means beautiful. When we move well, it feels pleasurable, elegant and powerful. We are all capable of moving this way. Therefore, it's necessary to examine our current habits to find out what might be preventing us from moving well. As Feldenkrais points out, movement is a process, and to improve the process, we need to examine it.

Feldenkrais was a pioneer of neuroplasticity which refers to our capacity for rewiring and change. Ultimately, we can all improve our capacity at any time we decide to make it a priority.

Adara was founded on my experience as a Physiotherapist, the somatic roots of the Pilates Method, and my current Feldenkrais Method training. Recognizing the relationship between healthcare and fitness, I have shifted my focus from the performance of exercise towards the conscious attention in the body and all its benefits. A holistic perspective recognizes how our movement affects our entire body as an interrelated system. The shift from exercise as a dreaded task to moving for sheer joy is what I want you to experience.

Gain the ability to fully live your ideal active life with Online Pilates.

When we understand our movement, our world expands. Through Adara’s offerings, opportunities for growth will present themselves in a variety of ways. Nevertheless, the most common benefits are:

Pain Relief

An important aspect of treating pain is providing a pain-free movement experience. Muscle tension affects our posture, support, and movement patterns. This tension is further compounded by our fear of moving.

By helping you focus on releasing muscle tension, using an appropriate level of effort, and retraining functional movement patterns, forces are balanced within the body, ultimately leading to pain-free movement.

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Stress Management

Emotional and cognitive stress have vast physiological effects on the body, including muscular tension and soft tissue inflammation. Through awareness of habitual holding patterns as well as whole-body mobilization, stress relief can be attained. Additionally, the byproducts of inflammation can be effectively flushed out.


Healthy Aging

Engaging in regular physical activity is one of the most powerful things we can do to extend our healthspan. Adara focuses on foundational functional movement patterns and strengthening, including healthy loading of the muscles, bones, and fascia.  

The goal is to allow you to fully participate in your preferred activities for your lifetime, helping you maintain your youth and vitality.

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Develop Functional Strength

Functional strength requires not only a measure of strength, but flexibility, coordination, and balance. Movement sequences are curated to incorporate all of these elements in order to optimize your performance.

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Improved Body Awareness

Becoming more aware of our body and movement habit is at the foundation of change. Skillful cuing is provided to help you tune in to your body.

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Restore Natural Movement Patterns

Natural movements are the movements that serve to help us perform tasks and get from A to B. These movements involve the coordination of many joints and muscles.

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More About Kris

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Kris graduated from the University of Toronto in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. In 2003, she earned her certification with Stott Pilates, soon to be followed by her certifications with Body Harmonics, Polestar Pilates, and the Pilates Method Alliance.

As a lifelong learner, Kris’ areas of interest and study include natural movement and mechanics, functional medicine, fascia, the connection of mind and body, nervous system regulation, and related somatic philosophies such as the Alexander and Feldenkrais methods.

Kris currently resides in Windsor, Ontario with her husband and 3 grown children. She enjoys an active lifestyle that includes daily walks with her dog, running, and gardening.

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