Restoring Cohesive Movement

cohesive movementYu a’t ake a wrd nr snenc wiot ll te ltrs  The above says, “You can’t make a word or a sentence without all the letters.”  Just like you need every letter to form a word to make a cohesive sentence, every physical action involves smaller component movements. For instance, when we reach for something, […]

Wellness Is Our True Nature

pillars of heathWellness — it’s definitely a current buzzword that’s been packaged, commercialized, and medicalized. So what should we make of it?  Taking my 25+ years in health and wellness into account, I thought I’d explore this topic further.  Typically, we measure wellness by weight, cardiovascular fitness, and blood tests. But what happens when all these measurements […]

Posture Restoration: The Ideal Balance

PostureMost of us want to improve our posture (or someone else’s) to look better, perform better, and feel better. But, to get started, we need to ask, what is “good posture,” and what is the most effective way to improve it?  As for myself, my thinking and teaching of “postural restoration” have evolved over the […]

Class vs. Clinic

I take an embodied approach to exercise. Pilates is known to be a mind-body exercise; however, if attention is given only to the external form of a movement rather than to the felt sense of it, it can’t be considered a mind-body exercise. It may still provide a physical “workout” in terms of working muscles, […]

Adara and Your Growth: Yoga and Pilates

Spring is coming, and as the flowers begin to grow, the Adara Movement team does too. Beginning March 12, Adara virtual class offering expands with two new teachers, Virginia Beqaj and Lauren Desjardins. With years of experience and training, these women draw from some of the key foundations and schools of thought behind Adara movement […]

Nourishment vs Punishment

According to the Oxford Dictionary, “To nourish is to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.”I enjoy this definition because it goes beyond just food when considering how to provide nourishment to the body. Keep it in mind as we determine how we ensure that we are genuinely […]

Pain Relief

Pain is a distressing thing. It prevents us from fully engaging in life and sends us in search of a cause and treatment to gain relief. The Western medical model focuses on diagnostics, such as CT and MRI scans, with treatment aimed at the tissue that demonstrates pathology. This often involves passive treatments such as […]

Healthy Aging 

We are a society obsessed with maintaining youth from the outside in. However, Adara Movement works from the inside out. Opposed to Lifespan, there’s a term gaining popularity called Healthspan, defined as the number of healthy functional years a person lives. We are now living significantly longer lives than we did a century ago; however, […]

Functional Strength

As you perform daily life activities like squatting, walking, running, and jumping, muscles work together in coordinated movement allowing you to perform these tasks with ease.  The coordinated activation of muscles happens at a subconscious level. Movement, on the other hand, can be brought under our conscious control. Therefore, conscious retraining of dysfunctional movement patterns […]

Retraining Movement and Phases of Learning

Natural movement happens in natural environments when we’re engaged in functional tasks or play. Unfortunately, most of us are living in quite unnatural environments where we are sedentary for long periods. Therefore, our efforts to be healthy and exercise sometimes result in injury. Injuries happen when our tissues are not adapted to the loads that […]